Current Projects

  • Explainable and Interactive AI for Safe Computer Assisted Intervention with Expert-Level Surgical Video Interpretation (Supported by National Research Foundation (2024-2027)) [우수신진연구]
  • Explainable Logical Reasoning for Medical Knowledge Generation (Supported by IITP (2022-2026)) [사람중심인공지능핵심원천기술개발]
  • Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (CARAI) (Supported by ADD (2023-2026))
  • Cloud Continuum for Large Scale AI (Supported by IITP (2023-2030)) [ITRC]
  • Memory-based Long Video Understanding: Application to Dense Video Captioning (Supported by ETRI (2023-2025))
  • Artificial Intelligence Innovation Hub (Supported by IITP (2021-2025))
  • Artificial Intelligence Convergence Innovation Human Resources Development (Supported by IITP (2022-2025))

Completed Projects

  • Efficient Uncertainty Analysis of DNN for Reliable Prediction (Supported by National Research Foundation (2021-2024))
  • Memory-based Video Object Segmentation (Supported by ETRI (2022))
  • Research on Visual Memory and Recall for Video Understanding (Supported by ETRI (2021))
  • Semisupervised Active Learning (Supported by Kyung Hee University (2021-2022))